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Hi!  I am Mellanie

I love helping people!  It makes me feel whole to see my clients ( or anyone around me) align to their authentic self...


I love pandas & I can rock cheetah print like a boss...


I am a believer & dreamer...I hug trees...


I am real & have found my own inner goddess through pain & struggle...


I am a listener & will hold your hand when you cry...


Give me a mircophone & I will sing karaoke like it's my job...

I am a mentor, a wife, a mother, I love the ocean & I want to change the world, one person at a time.  

And...one night I had a dream about a place where love heals....#staytuned    


And... I have some credentials too...

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Life Coach

Mindfulness Practices

Reiki Master & Energy Medicine


BEMER Therapy Specialist 

Mental Health First Aid Certified 

Holistic Health Advocate

Going through Mellanie’s Reiki Level 1 class quickly made me realize why no other classes have drawn me in. Her intuition, ability to guide, and teach in love was everything I needed and more! Even in the most vulnerable moments I knew I was in the safest place, while also working to build confidence in my abilities. It is clear that Mellanie has such a gift and passion for what she is doing.  V.H.

Mellanie is phenomenal- beyond what I could have expected. She’s powerful, loving and incredibly gifted. I experienced a huge shift and felt like myself in some ways that I haven’t in a couple of years. I can’t express enough thanks to Mellanie for doing what she does and being who she is.  A.M..

Mellanie was truly amazing! She was so kind, compassionate, listened intently, and tuned in to what my body/soul needed. I have had such a sense of calm since leaving her office. A feeling of being very present. She gave me so much to reflect on.  K.A.

Mellanie is such an inspiration and a feel good person. She's so positive and upbeat which i feel carries over to everyone she meets.. Do yourself a favor and have a session with her it is so worth it. K.K.


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